Witch Doctor's Hut
Built In Inventory
Building Type Crafting
Hit Points 325
Armor Type Fortified
Armor 5
Slots 6
Construction 10 seconds
Buying Price Cannot Purchase
Selling Price 15

Spell scrolls and magical items are created here. This Building has a distinctive magical theme, it's products being mainly magical in nature, as opposed to the objects crafted in the Armoury.

Many players favour the items that can be made in the Witch Doctor's Hut, and the relative effectiveness of these items are balanced by the arguably high construction cost for this Building.

Schematic: Edit

Stick Mana Crystal
Stick Mana Crystal

Used to Make:Edit

Item Recipe
Scroll of Fireball Flint, Mana Crystal
Scroll of Entangling Roots Tinder, Mana Crystal
Scroll of Living Dead Bone, Mana Crystal
Scroll of Stone Skin Stone, Mana Crystal
Scroll of Swiftness Anabolic Potion, Mana Crystal
Scroll of Tsunami Spirit of Water, Mana Crystal
Scroll of Cyclone Spirit of Wind, Mana Crystal
Mage Fire Fire Kit, Mana Crystal
Spirit Ward Mana Crystal, Stick, Mana Crystal, Mana Crystal
Magic Seed Stick, Mana Crystal
Poison Mushroom, Mushroom, Mushroom
Ultra Poison Poison, Poison
Living Clay Clay, Mana Crystal
Cloak of Healing Magic, Bone Coat, Butsu
Cloak of Frost Magic, Bone Coat, Spirit of water
Cloak of Flames Magic, Bone Coat, Flint
Camouflage Coat Magic, Bone Coat, Dark Rock

Building AbilitiesEdit

Quick Make: Collects nearby items on the ground to make selected item. If all items are not available the ones that were will be left in the Witch Doctor's Hut. Items already inside will be pushed to the bottom of the building's inventory.
Quick Drop: Drops items from the buildings inventory in a short radius around the building.
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