This is the standard regulation on what you can post that is or isn't related to the game.

First of all, pages related to: Tactics, specific players, any sort of rating chart (for example a chart that shows which armor is best), clans, complex comparisons of specific items or classes.

These are all not allowed.


Tactics: Completely bias, one player will play a tactic better than another player. Eventually you're stuck with half a million theoretical tactics that nobody has ever tested. Technically the ideas of the players are not part of the game.

Players: Unrelated to the game, unless you're going to make a page for EVERY player, don't bother.

Ratings: Bias, complex explanation on why item x is 1% better than item y are just insanely bias also.

Clans: Unrelated to the game, these pages would never be updated with proper statistics anyway.

Amendment: I have been convinced to keep the clan article, but all bias has removed and clans link to their respective site.

Vs: Bias, the item you are arguing for will always win, because if it wouldn't you wouldn't be making the page.

Related to ratings, charts are allowed. For example a chart that shows the different heat gain and armor of armors. In addition, pros and cons sections are allowed for classes, just be careful not to be bias.

As always, bias is bad, no bias.

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