Tier Subclass
Function Hunting, Combat, Tanking
Initial Abilities Ensnare, Endurance
Learnable Ability Giant Swing
Inventory 3 slots
Base Damage 24-24
Attack Cooldown 1.65
Movement Speed 330
Vision (Day/Night) 1300 / 800
Names TGP_Warsquirrel the Tank, WTFBBQ the Angry, Taz, Koonta
The Warrior is one the subclasses of the Hunter. The Warrior is a heavily combat oriented class. Most of its abilities are used for tanking damage and bringing down multiple enemies. The Warrior is generally more powerful against multiple opponents than a single opponent.


Level 1 AbilitiesEdit

Ensnare One of the Warrior's starting abilities. Traps the target with a net, rendering it incapable of moving.

Endurance The Warrior's other starting ability. Grants a 35% chance to decrease incoming physical damage by 10. Cannot reduce damage to less than 3.

Level 2/3/4 AbilitiesEdit

Giant Swing The Warrior's level 2, 3 and 4 ability. Grants a chance to do bonus damage to all nearby enemies.
  • Level 1: 19% chance to deal 10 bonus damage
  • Level 2: 21% chance to deal 15 bonus damage
  • Level 3: 23% chance to deal 20 bonus damage



  • Can level very quickly
  • Can easily acquire food for the team
  • Great beginning class for noobs
  • Quite powerful both defensively and offensively
  • Potential to do very high damage in team battles


  • Slow movement speed
  • Very few slots limit customization
  • Cannot easily make or carry combat items
  • Can be outmatched by non-combat oriented classes late game
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