True Form
Tier Subclass
Function Hunting, Combat.
Initial Abilities Spirit of the Beast, Tame Pet
Learnable Abilities None
Inventory 4 slots
Base damage 16-18
Attack Cooldown 1.5
Movement Speed 360
Vision (Day/Night) 1500 / 1000
Names Masterman, Beanbag, Foosh, Maximus, Lil-Ra

True Form, also known as panther, is a subclass of the Beastmaster. It is a fast direct combat class that can use pets in combat. All of it's abilities are the same as the Beastmaster, but it's base stats are higher.

Another point to note is that in True Form, all flying hatchlings that are tamed become Netherdrakes.


Level 1 AbilityEdit

Tame Pet Tames a baby animal, placing it under your control, allowing it to grow and aid the beastmaster in combat.

Level 1+ AbilityEdit

Spirit of the Beast Gives a 5% extra chance per level to find baby animals. Also animals are attracted to the Beastmaster. Effect increases per level.



  • Has better base attack speed, damage, and movement rate, and does not lose his ability to tame pets.
  • Can use pets as early game back up, as well as bonus damage against other trolls.
  • Can release pets to gain some extra experience, food, and a hide.


  • Has no special offensive abilities outside of his regular attack.
  • Pets tend to become weaker against most trolls as time goes on.
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