Transport Ship
Transport ship
Crafted In Workshop
Buying Price Not purchasable
Selling Price 26

The Transport Ship is a special unit created in the Workshop. After the ship has been crafted in the Workshop, you must build it in the water. Can load and transport up to four allied trolls if they share control with you. The ship has a fast move speed.

Build time: 10 seconds
Health: 200
Armor: 0
Armor type: Fortified
Attack Damage:
12-20 Piercing damage vs Trolls. 400 range. 2.00 attack speed
52-60 Siege damage vs Buildings and Animals. 650 range. 5.00 attack speed
Cannot attack air.


Stick, Stick, Clay, Clay, Any Hide, Any Hide

Stick Stick
Clay Ball Clay Ball
Any Hide Any Hide
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