Tier Subclass
Function Hunting, Combat, Tracking Enemies
Initial Ability Ensnare
Learnable Abilities Greater Track, Dysentery Track, Sniff, Hide Tracking Beacon, Query Beacon
Inventory 3 slots
Base Damage 18-18
Attack Cooldown 1.75
Movement Speed 350
Vision (Day/Night) 1300 / 800
Names Wonton, Liche, Taz, Koonta
The Tracker is one the subclasses of the Hunter. The Tracker is a heavily chase oriented class. Most of its abilities are used for tracking down enemies. The tracker is generally more powerful against single opponents than groups of opponents.


Level 1 AbilitiesEdit

Ensnare The Tracker's starting ability. Traps the target with a net, rendering it incapable of moving.

Level 2 AbilitiesEdit

Greater Track Greater Track is the level 2 ability of the Tracker. It decreases armor by 4 and provides vision.

Level 3 AbilitiesEdit

Dysentery Track Dysentery Track is one of the level 3 abilities of the Tracker. AKA 'Charlie Brown', causes the enemy to leave a trail of steaming poop behind him.

Sniff Sniff is one of the level 3 abilities of the Tracker. Target a recently killed creature's bone or hide to reveal a trail to the enemy.

Level 4 AbilitiesEdit

Hide Tracking Beacon Hide Tracking Beacon is one of the level 4 abilities of the Tracker. Permanently places a tracking beacon in an enemy. The beacon cannot be removed with a Cure All.

Query Beacon Query Beacon is one of the level 4 abilities of the Tracker. Pings the location of the tracking beacon.



  • Fast movement speed
  • Can level very quickly
  • Can easily acquire food for the team
  • Great beginning class
  • Quite powerful offensively
  • Can keep track of enemy troll's locations for a long time


  • Very few slots limit customization
  • Cannot easily make or carry combat items
  • Can be outmatched by non-combat oriented classes late game
  • Most abilities are neutralized by cure-all and Cure all potion
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