Thief Bush
Thief Bush
Location Hidden near waterfalls

Thief Bush is a bush that Cooked Meat, Nets, Mana Potion, Healing Potion, Mana Crystal, Medallion of the Thief and Smoke Bombs randomly spawn in. There are six Thief Bushes on the map, each one hidden on top of a cliff beside a waterfall.

Only Thieves or their subclasses may loot items from the Thief Bush, even if you managed to blink up with another class. To loot an item, you must have at least one free inventory space. Stand beside the bush and click on it. The item will automatically be placed into your inventory.

Getting atop with an unsubbed thief may seem like a problem for some, however there is a trick: To blink on top of the cliff, use cloak or teleport directly beside the cliff. These spells give a small radius of vision that will allow you to blink atop the cliff.


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