Tier Basic class
Function Harassment, Stealing
Initial Ability Teleport
Learnable Ability Cloak
Inventory 5 slots
Base Damage 11-11
Attack Cooldown 2.00
Movement Speed 300
Vision (Day/Night) 800 / 1800
Names Eugene, Kel, Morgoth
The Thief class is specialized in harassing enemy tribes. It relies on stealing and escaping to achieve this, putting enemies on constant guard and often reducing their efficiency. It's 5 inventory slots in addition to blinking make this class an efficient Gatherer substitute. Can loot items from thief bushes.


Level 1 AbilityEdit

Teleport Short range blink with a cooldown of 30 seconds.

Level 2/3/5 AbilityEdit

Cloak Makes the thief invisible for 4/6/8 seconds.


Contortionist Basically a spellcasting thief, this class uses more advanced spells in addition to its inherited abilities to increase effectiveness in stealing items.

Escape Artist Even more agile, mainly due to the Jump and Blur abilities, makes the Escape Artist very hard to catch.

Super SubclassEdit

Assassin: The thief becomes much more lethal, especially with a backstab windwalk ability.



  • Decent inventory space
  • Can effectively hinder enemies
  • Hard to kill
  • Great for gathering herbs


  • Weak against traps
  • Not very useful in combat
  • Hard to train independently


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