How to play

Click here to watch a short video covering you with all the basics Edit

This game is about surviving. Surviving the longest. That means other tribes must fall before you do, and you are allowed to kill the other trolls yourself. To do so, you will need to get some weapons using material found on the ground. The process is the same for buildings, find material on the ground, place them in the right order in your inventory and they will automatically combine into a building if the recipe exists.

The main thing that noobs need to learn is that the basic idea behind survival is to keep all three of your vital stats above zero. Failure to do so will result in instant death. The stats are Health, Energy and Heat. Each of these stats will decrease by one every 2 seconds, and must be replenished to keep you alive. To restore health, eat meat, which can be obtained by cooking(at a fire) raw meat picked up from corpses. To restore energy, you can either use a tent, mud hut or troll hut that your team owns, to cast sleep on you. This will replenish a large portion of your energy. If you have nowhere nearby to sleep, you can use your own default sleep ability on yourself, but this will result in some loss of health. Heat is replenished simply by standing near a fire your team owns. In a game of Island Troll Tribes, it is possible to survive with only a campfire, and so the formula for that will be provided here: Tinder, Flint, Stick, in that pick up order.

Selecting a character Edit

There are 7 characters to choose from, and it's a good idea for your tribe to choose characters that complete each other. It's also important to know that players can upgrade their class, the simplest way being to learn your level 6 ability, which will replace your basic character with an improved, specialised version.

No matter which troll you pick, item restrictions remain the same. That is you can only carry at most 2axes, 1 coat, 1 boot 1glove, 1scroll at any one time unless the restriction off mode is on. Please see Troll Classes for details.

Objective Edit

Ultimately the aim of this game is to kill the enemy tribe/s by any means necessary. This can involve starving them, taking their fires, killing them directly, poisoning them, diseasing them, destroying their energy, as you can see there is a multitude of ways to win. Since a spirit ward allows enemies to revive, the aim is kill them so that no enemy trolls are alive at any point in time, which will result in their defeat and your victory.

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