Built In Inventory
Building Type Stat Management
Hit Points 160
Armor Type Fortified
Armor 0
Slots 0
Construction 7 seconds
Buying Price Cannot be Purchased
Selling Price 8

Tents are stat management buildings used as portable places to sleep. Though only replenishing 80 energy in one cast (and therefore taking longer to restore trolls), and having a shorter cast range, it's portability makes it a useful item that can be carried around on long distance trips away from the main base, used as a substitute for fires in the art of fire trapping, or as an easy to set up raid outpost on enemy islands. The main strength of the tent is also its greatest weakness, the fact that it can easily be packed.

Schematic: Edit

Stick Any Hide

Building AbilitiesEdit

Rest: Puts someone to sleep to restore 80 energy.
Pack Up: Packs the building into a tent kit.