Iron Gloves
Classes Radar Telegatherer, Herb Master Telegatherer, Omnigatherer
Mana Cost See Effects
Cooldown 120
Duration See Effects
Cast Range 100
Area of Effect Unlimited
Targets Fire
Hotkey T

Telegather is an ability of the Radar Telegatherer, Herb Master Telegatherer and Omnigatherer. It is a powerful ability that sends items that are picked up to a target fire for a limited time. Items do not always warp, but the % chance increases with level as does the duration of telegather. The Radar Telegatherer cannot telegather herbs.


Three versions of the spell exist.

Regular Tele-GatherEdit

The Radar Tele-gatherer version of the spell. Teleports all naturally occuring items except herbs.

Herb Tele-GatherEdit

The Herb Telegatherer and Omnigatherer version of the spell. Teleports all naturally occuring items including herbs. Can have an "item dump" done by herb bushes to quickly collect large numbers of herbs in a short amount of time.


The Contortionist and Assassin version of the spell. Only teleports items that are near enemy buildings. 100% chance to teleport all items.


  • Level 1: Lasts 50 second. Costs 20 mana.
  • Level 2: Lasts 70 second. Costs 25 mana.
  • Level 3: Lasts 90 second. Costs 30 mana.
  • Omnigatherer: Lasts 90 seconds. Costs 35 mana.
  • Tele-Thief: Lasts 140 seconds. Costs 30 mana.


This is a quick picture by picture guide on the functionality of Telegather. Radar Telegatherer was used in the pictures.


Select the Telegather spell icon and cast it on the fire.


Now go to the item you want to Telegather. Note the fairy fire effect now on the player.


Pick up the item as usual.


The item gets instantly teleported to the fire that you cast Telegather on. Note that the fairy fire effect is still on the player as Telegather stays on the player for the duration of the spell or until the fire is destroyed or packed.


The spell may be harmful to you as you can no longer pick up meat for the duration. If you require meat or to pick any other item up into your inventory select the Telegathered fire and use the pack ability, this will dispel the Telegather spell.

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