Should this page include historic clans as well? PL0X Forum Suggestions 15:34, 9 April 2009 (UTC)

probably, maybe should make the clan page into a fat table similar to the classes page... PoZoR

Well, there are a few older clans that some of the newer clans branched off into. such as AoTT, ITS, DSTT, although some did very little, to be honest. It's frivolous, but I could dig through my memory bank. I wouldn't be able to remember too many names, definately not shamans, but a few notable ones stick out. PL0X Forum Suggestions 16:49, 9 April 2009 (UTC)

Clans Edit

lol ok im assuming u know how to edit, so creating the clan pages wudnt be hard for you as u know, pages with only a couple lines of text look pretty ugly, but it's up to u

Not only in battlenet . Edit

Can u guys allow clan in garena GGC as well ? i cant seem to be able to enter battlenet

No. The charter clearly states clans only.Toxic Ninja 12:42, March 4, 2010 (UTC)

battlenet does not have any island troll tribes games anymore.. is there a timing or something when island troll tribes players gather to play itt ?

There are still tons of itt games. Clan twgb on east has a hosting bot (or 4) up 99% of the time. Toxic Ninja 20:16, April 18, 2010 (UTC)

Misusing admin. Edit

ehhhs... a admin banned me for doing nothing wrong and he asked me to talk to corrosive.. is there anyway to contact him ?

Hi, I need your help. I want to play to ITT but i have a mac... and i dont know how to install warcraft on this kind of computer. Could you help me please ? Join me with my skype :    rtstyle1 

Thank you


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