Tier Super Subclass
Function Reconnaisance, Enemy Detection
Initial Abilities Greater Reveal, Enemy Radar, Motion Sensor Radar, Ward the Area
Learnable Abilities Chain Reveal
Inventory 5 slots
Base Damage 20-20
Attack Cooldown 1.5
Movement Speed 350
Vision (Day/Night) 1600 / 1800
Names Umbrage
The Spy is the super subclass of the Scout. The Spy is a tactical class that retains the abilities of the Observer and Radar Scout. He gains the ability to cast Chain Reveal, which allows him to observe the enemy from very far away.


Level 1 AbilitiesEdit

Greater Reveal Same as reveal, but it lasts 10 seconds with an of AOE=2700

Ward the Area Places 4 wards in the surrounding area. Wards explode when stepped on and have timed life.

Enemy Radar Pings things around the caster in a range of 3000. Pings hostile animals in red, elk in blue, and enemies with a warning red ping.

Motion Sensor Radar Takes 3 seconds to cast. Anything moving within the range in those 3 seconds is pinged. AOE increases with level. Pings everything from ships to fish to hawks. 5000 AoE.

Level 2/3/5 AbilityEdit

Chain Reveal: The Spy uses powerful magic to reveal the area around him and his wards. If any enemy is found within the revealed area, the area around that enemy is revealed as well.

Level 1: Bounces 3 times Level 2: Bounces 4 times Level 3: Bounces 5 times



  • Decent inventory space
  • Provides very useful information of surroundings
  • Helps the team by pinging locations of boats
  • Can level quickly using radar to find wolves, bears and panthers
  • Fast movement and attack speeds
  • Effective against thieves
  • Useful when planning attacks
  • Largest potential reveal area of any unit in the game


  • Not very useful in combat
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