Smoke House
Built In Inventory
Building Type Crafting
Hit Points 200
Armor Type Fortified
Armor 5
Slots 6
Construction 8 seconds
Buying Price Cannot be Bought
Selling Price 7

This is a Building to provide Smoked Meat, Smoked Meat cannot be Diseased.

Schematic: Edit

Stick Any Hide
Clay Ball

Building AbilitiesEdit

Smoke Meat: The ability to convert Diseased and cooked meat into "Smoked Meat". Smoked meat heals 40 hp, cannot be diseased and stacks to 15. The conversion process takes about 15 seconds and converts as such, 1:1 with cooked meat and roughly 2:1 with diseased meat. Picking up or dropping any items from the building during conversion will cancel the process. Smoking Meat requires 1 Tinder and 1 Flint in the Smoke House, these items will be consumed.
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