Scroll of Living Dead
Scroll of Living Dead
Crafted In Witch Doctor's Hut
Buying Price 7
Selling Price 4
Range Skeletons travel up to 200 away from caster.
Cooldown 60
Effects Summons two skeletons which automatically circle around the caster. Each strikes for 8-10 damage at an attack speed of 0.75 seconds. Skeletons are indestructible, have no collision, and are automatically destroyed when the 30 second duration ends or when the scroll is dropped.

Summons two skeletons for the caster. The skeletons strike nearby enemies and return to the caster per strike, making this scroll effective in melee range. It is very useful for hunting hostile creatures, as they don't run away from the caster, and take high amounts of damage from this spell. Players hunting bosses or raiding enemy bases often bring this scroll. However, when attacking enemy players or hunting elks, an entangling scroll or a fireball scroll are in most cases, more effective.

Schematic: Edit

Bone Mana Crystal
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