Scroll of Fireball
Scroll of Fireball
Crafted In Witch Doctor's Hut
Buying Price 7
Selling Price 4
Range 800
Cooldown 32
Effects Fireball spell, 40 damage and 1.5 second stun.

Similar to a Scroll of Entangling Roots but it sacrifices immobilisation ability for more damage and faster cooldown. Advantages include that it can facilitate single combo kills, as enemies hit by the fireball take damage and won't be able to eat during the stun. It is quite powerful when loaded onto an Omnitower, where 5 or 6 such loaded towers can together kill an approaching player instantly. However, it is notably less efficient than entangling when used for hunting.

Patch 2.48b : Scroll of Fireball now share cooldown with all the spears except Dark Spear to prevent abuse of multiple burst weapons.

Schematic: Edit

Flint Mana Crystal
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