Tier Basic class
Function Reconnaisance, Enemy Detection
Initial Ability Enemy Radar
Learnable Ability Reveal
Inventory 5 slots
Base Damage 11-11
Attack Cooldown 2.00
Movement Speed 290
Vision (Day/Night) 1300 / 1300
Names Kippy, Zan'dar, Renegade_Rogue
The Scout is a class that is specialized in detecting animals and enemy trolls. It relies on long range pings and reveal to observe his surroundings. With his reveal ability and five inventory slots, the Scout can make an efficient gatherer substitute. The Scout and his subclasses are the only ones who can loot Living Clay and Clay Explosion items from Scout Bushes.


Level 1 AbilityEdit

Enemy Radar Pings nearby neutral and enemy units. Neutral units are displayed as blue pings while the hostile units are shown with red pings.

Level 2/3/5 AbilityEdit

Reveal Reveals a large area around the scout, showing invisible units. Lasts 8 seconds. AOE increases with level.
  • Level 1: 1000 AOE
  • Level 2: 1600 AOE
  • Level 3: 2400 AOE


Radar Scout: Specializes in more advanced radar abilities and has a short range true sight.

Observer: Can plant wards, and has an upgraded powerful reveal ability.

Super SubclassEdit

Spy: Similar to the observer, but even more effective scouting abilities.



  • Decent inventory space
  • Provides very useful information of surroundings
  • Effective against thieves
  • Useful when planning attacks
  • Can level quickly using radar to find wolves, bears and panthers


  • Slow movement
  • Not very useful in combat


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