Tier Super Subclass
Function Defensive Buffs, Combat Support, Healing
Initial Abilities The Glow, Anti-Magic Shell, Omnicure, Cure All, Spirit Link, Healing Wave, Mix Energy, Mix Heat, Self Preservation, Map Magic, Troll Battle Call
Learnable Abilities Increase Metabolism, Maximum Fervor, Light Gate
Inventory 4 slots
Base Damage 18-18
Attack Cooldown 1.50
Movement Speed 300
Vision (Day/Night) 1800 / 800
Names Meijin
The Sage is the super subclass of the Priest. Most of his abilities focus on casting useful defensive buffs and healing spells on nearby allies.


Level 1 AbilitiesEdit

The Glow One of the Sage's 12 starting abilities. Grants a 10% movement bonus and 5% attack speed bonus in a 400 AoE. Also grants periodic bonus heat.

Anti-Magic Shell Gives a unit a shield that blocks 100 magic damage.

Omnicure Casts cure all on all nearby friendly trolls.

Cure All Cures a variety of ailments including snake venom and disease.
Ranged Heal Heal a unit within a very large range for 50 HP.
Mix Energy Equalizes the mana of the Sage and a target.

Mix Heat Equalizes the heat of the Sage and a target.

Healing Wave Casts a healing spell that bounces up to 7 times in a 3000 AoE, healing for 50 health initially. Amount healed decreases by 10% each bounce.

Self Preservation Instantly increases all stats by 50.

Troll Battle Call Grants a 20% damage bonus and +1 armor bonus to all friendly units in a 2000 AOE. Lasts 20 seconds.

Spirit Link Links the health of up to 4 units in a 4000 AOE.

Map Magic Increases the range of radar skills of friendly units. Lasts 90 seconds.
Mix Health (OLD) Equalizes the health of the Sage and a target.

Level 2 AbilityEdit

Increase Metabolism When cast on a troll, will cause them to gain an additional 25 health per meat eaten, as well as giving a 20% boost to move speed. It costs 20 mana, lasts 20 seconds, and has a 30 second cooldown

Level 3 AbilityEdit

Maximum Fervor A spell that can only target himself that gives the effects of a Fervor Potion. Costs 30 mana with a cooldown of 60 seconds.

Level 4 AbilityEdit

Light Gate The Sage summons an extraordinary amount of white magic forming it into balls of energy. The energy balls form a ring and slowly dissipate, casting boosting spells on all allies within as they do. The longer this spell is channeled, the longer the gate remains open and the more spells the energy balls cast. Additionally, while standing inside the gate, some of the Sage's spells have alternate forms.
  • Self Preservation -> Preserve All
  • Resist All -> Omniresist
  • Increase Metabolism -> The Heat
  • Maximum Fervor -> Hidden Potential
  • Healing Wave -> Multiwave



  • High durability
  • Extremely powerful in team combat
  • Powerful both defensively and offensively
  • Very difficult to kill anyone near the Sage
  • Ability to increase the effectiveness of meat is invaluable


  • Difficult to master
  • Low inventory space
  • Low move speed
  • Mana intensive|}
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