Below is a list of all Recipes in Island Troll Tribes.

Troll Inventory RecipesEdit

These items are built in the troll's inventory if you put them in the right order. They'll also fuse together if you put them into the Craftmaster at the middle of the map which is useful if you don't have that many slots.

Tannery RecipesEdit

Any two hides from the same animal and choose between gloves or boots, 3 hides for coats. You'll get the item corresponding to the animal you used. e.g. Wolf Skin Boots = Jungle Wolf Hide + Jungle Wolf Hide. All these items are also referred to as "Basic Boots/Coat/Glove"

Forge RecipesEdit

Majority of these are battle-related items using flint, bone, stone.

Armory RecipesEdit

These items allow for many different tactics to be used.

Witch Doctor's Hut RecipesEdit

Items that use Mana Crystal and Poison as the common ingredient.

Mixing Pot RecipesEdit

See Alchemy.

  • Disease Potion: Special 1, Special 1, Special 2, Special 2, River Root OR Special 1, Special 1, Special 1, Special 2, River Root
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