Pinion of Pain
Pinion of Pain
Buying Price Not Purchasable
Selling Price Not Sellable
Spawn Rate 33% off Disco Duck

Rarely seen in games, this powerful item grants an aura which periodically damages nearby enemies (similar in function to the aura of the Chicken Form) to users, but binds to a troll when picked up, often causing complications for hunters due to their low item capacity, or gatherers due to their importance in having 6 free inventory slots.


One of the three pinions that can possibly be dropped upon the death of a Disco Duck.


The Pinion of Pain does not have any activatable abilities, however it grants a passive damage aura which can be quite useful in many circumstances, especially chasing or escaping, and can allow the user to gain an additional playing style similar to a Chicken Form Beastmaster due to the similarity between the abilities.

  • Has a 5000 AoE degen aura that deals -1% HP per second.
  • +4 to all stats
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