Built In Inventory
Building Type Defensive
Hit Points 150
Armor Type Fortified
Armor 5
Slots 3
Construction 10 seconds
Buying Price 14
Selling Price 6

The omnitower is a full sized customizable defense. Items with abilities can be loaded into it's inventory for usage. Although predominantly used as a defensive structure, it is also sometimes used offensively, and can also be used as a scouting outpost.

Schematic: Edit

Stone Stick
Stick Stick

Attack: Edit


Attack Speed:


Damage Type:


0.55 seconds



Building AbilitiesEdit

Enemy Targetting: Allows autocasted use of items in the buildings inventory. Range of 575 which can only work on either trolls or creatures, one at a time. This is used to cast scrolls, launch spears, use attack potions, throw nets, or use a blowgun. This allows customization between towers to suit your situation. The only items that can be put into the Omnitower for this ability are ones that you can use directly on enemy units such as spears or scrolls. You cannot boost the attack or defense with axes or armors respectively. The item's usual cooldown will affect the tower to prevent spear nuking.
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