Tier Super Subclass
Function Find, collecting, and creating items, mixing potions
Initial Ability Mix Herbs, Radar Manipulations, Telegather
Learnable Ability Item Warp
Inventory 6 slots
Base Damage 20-20
Attack Cooldown 1.45
Movement Speed 360
Vision (Day/Night) 1800 / 1800
Names Mortis
The Omnigatherer is the super subclass of the Gatherer. The Omnigatherer focuses on gathering and mixing herbs to create powerful items. He is a powerful fighter in combat, having the second fastest attack and move speeds.


Level 1 AbilitiesEdit

Mix Herbs One of the Omnigatherer's starting abilities. Mixes all items in the inventory that are tagged as herbs into a potion.
Item Radar Gatherer's starting ability. Pings all items in 1700 range around the gatherer. Has a 30 second cooldown and costs no energy with an almost instant cast time.
Radar Manipulations One of the Omnigatherer's starting abilities. Costs no energy with an almost instant cast time. Can be used to find the following
Telegather One of the Omnigatherer's starting abilities. The Omnigatherer targets a friendly fire. For the duration of the spell the Omnigatherer has a chance to teleport any items picked up back to the fire. This ability WILL Telegather herbs.
  • Lasts 50 second. Costs 35 mana.

Level 2/3/5 AbilityEdit

Item Warp The Omnigatherer's level 2, 3 and 5 ability. Teleports all items in the area directly below the Omnigatherer. Costs 30 mana at all levels.

  • Level 1: 900 AoE. 120 second cooldown
  • Level 2: 1800 AoE. 110 second cooldown
  • Level 3: 2700 AoE. 80 second cooldown



  • Most slots of any class.
  • Can Telegather both herbs and items.
  • Is the only class that can create a Witch Doctor's Hut or Hatchery in it's inventory.
  • Highest potential to carry the most powerful items.
  • Creates powerful potions using Telegather herbs and mix herbs
  • Can use Telegather and Radar Manipulations to quickly bring needed items back to base
  • Fast movement and attack speeds
  • Can somewhat be used as a Thief


  • No true combat abilities.
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