In Island Troll Tribes, noobs are quite detrimental to the team. There are three categories of noobs.

First Time Players Edit

These players should be welcomed and taught as much as possible about the game. If not fast learners, they always die from heat loss, starvation or energy loss. They also do not know how to gather food or items, and are often seen carrying bones all over the place. Well basically, they don't know anything.

Douchebags Edit

These players have an average amount of experience with the game, usually think they are pro after killing first time players, and spend most of the game trying to forge equipment from tanneries. They have little understanding of the importance of food in a battle, and will also try and build heavily defended/isolated bases, making no effort whatsoever planning an offensive. If you have douchebags on your team, they will often use your precious recources for their own end, argue with you or your tribe over resources, throw rocks, and even attempt to set up their own base with your resources without the team's consent. Douchebags generally have no idea of how to make potions or spell scrolls, but are adept at building omnitowers and gloves. Simple backstabing is an option, or leaving when neccasary. Try to teach them to brighten up.

Uber 1337 soloer Edit

Don't let the name fool you, somebody who thinks they are top-of-the-ladder amazing usually isn't. The highest degree of these egomaniac morons will quickly do -private mode and run off on their own, without knowing the skill or anything of his/her allies. In a game against other noobs this is fine, usually these guys have enough skill to kill players who don't know how to play, however if you know your enemies are decent or better, this noob will get slaughtered quickly. There's no real way to deal with this, just remember when he dies he's going to start barking orders at you, usually in the vein of "revive me." If your real allies have enough teamwork and a mostly co-owned base then you can all go private, and tell him to fuck off. If you do revive him, he will probably take as much gear and meat as he can, then try to get revenge, which will get him killed again. If you do not revive him he may start trying to mess with your base, for example casting sleep on you when you don't need it, packing up fires, etc.

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