Below is the list of modes that can be used to tweak the gameplay. In order to implement a mode, Player One (usually the host) must type a code in the game chat before the game settings get fixed. Modes are intended for recreational play only, or to suit the taste of some beginning players. Some of the modes were added for testing purposes. In the end, the standard game (without modes) is intended to be the most balanced.

Current Standard Modes:

-to (Tournament Mode)

-rs (Random starting islands)

-sf Makes all trolls start with a campfire kit
-fd (xx) Forced duel, teleports all trolls to the battle arena after a set time
-elimination (-el) Spirit wards cannot be constructed
-to Tournament Mode. Includes: -sf, -fd 60, -el
-rs Random starting islands
-sm Makes the map shrink with time eventually stopping at 500 from mammoth
-gp (xx) Changes the Grace Period duration using minutes
-test mode (-tm) Disables win conditions. Can only be used if only team 1 has human players
-coral-blockers (-cb) Puts Coral Blockers on the map to block rivers
-fast Increases spawn rate of items
-slow Decreases spawn rate of items
-increase pets Inreases the spawn rate of baby animals
-decrease pets Decreases the spawn rate of baby animals
-hm Increases the heating effect of fires
-cm Decreases the heating effect of fires
-panic Increases stat reduction
-safe Decreases stat reduction
-double Doubles stat reduction
-rh Increases heat maximum by 50
-dh Decreases heat maximum
-rpg Increases the growth rate of pets
-no limits Removes item limits
-rfl Raises the food cap
-lfl Lowers the food cap
-ril Raise item limit
-lil Lower item limit
-classic Sets Ice Troll Tribes Mode
-classic items Allows only Ice Troll Tribes items
-no exp Disables experience gain
-rb Increases hostile animal spawn rate
-no horn Disables boss drops
-lavish One extra food per kill
-famine One less food per kill
-nil No item limits.
-6v6 Makes the three teams into two 6 player teams
-no trees Removes all trees and places herb bushes in the middle
-no herbs Removes all herb bushes
-all (class name) Changes all trolls into specified class
-no boats

Transport boats cannot be constructed, now on by default Edit

Player Modes Edit

-i am noob Pings where the recipes are
-c (xxxx) Sets the zoom of the camera from -2000 - 5000 Where 0 is default
-sc Grants share control for your entire team
-ac Grants advanced control for your entire team
-h Toggles hints
-ms Displays your Troll's movement speed
-as Displays your Troll's attack speed
-clear Clears displayed text messages
-modes Displays the current established modes


  • -ril increases the maximum items that can be spawned. When items are spawned, they are added to a counter. Once that counter hits a threshhold, no more items will be spawned. When items are consumed by building items or buildings, the counter decreases, and items can be spawned again. The counter is global, which means if certain islands are not used, they can become oversaturated with items.
  • -nil allows a troll to ignore inventory limits. Examples would include having two or more scrolls, multiple boots, armors, and gloves, and more than two axes.
  • not all modes stack correctly. Using -nil and then -ril will cause the no inventory limit of -nil, while making the maximum item spawn that of -nil.
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