Classes Mage
Mana Cost 20 mana
Cooldown 45 seconds
Duration See Effects
Cast Range 700
Area of Effect See Effects
Targets Enemy, Neutral, Air & Ground
Hotkey E

Metronome is a very powerful Mage spell. It barrages enemies with random, chaining effects. The effects will jump from person to person if multiple enemies are around.

When cast, it has a 33% chance to cast frost nova. If it does not cast frost nova, it will begin a chain of 10 spells. A spell is cast every half second on the target. Frost nova is included in the chain, and can be cast multiple times, as any other spell. The spells that can be cast in the chain of 10 are listed below.


  • Cyclone (10% Chance): Tosses an enemy in the air for 6 seconds. While in the air, the unit is invulnerable.
  • Tsunami (20% Chance): Hurls a wave that deals 25 damage to trolls, and extra damage to buildings.
  • Mana Burn (10% Chance): Burns 25 mana from the enemy, dealing 25 damage.
  • Impale (20% Chance): Tosses an enemy in the air for 1 second, dealing 10 damage. Stuns for 0.5s after.
  • Poison Thistle (10% Chance): Deals 10 strike damage, then 1 damage per 3 seconds for 10 seconds. Slows attack speed by 30% and movement speed by 40% that the target regains over 7.50 seconds.
  • Frost Nova (20% Chance): Deals 15 damage to the target and 10 damage to all enemies in a 200 AoE. Slows attack and move speeds by 10% for 4 seconds.
  • Nothing (10% Chance): Nothing happens... but Metronome may still continue to cast spells.


  • Currently, metronome does not work as intended, and it will not jump around as intended. It will continuosly blast the initial target.
  • If any enemy has Cyclone cast upon them, any other effects will fail to affect them. So if the first spell cast in the chain of 10 is cyclone...then metronome effectively does nothing.
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