Buying Price 2
Selling Price 1
Cooldown 0
Effects Instantly heals 50 Health

Cooked meat is probably the most common and important item in the game. Without food, a tribe will undoubtedly die of starvation, since health decreases over time. It is also one of the most frequently stolen items in public games due to the fact that many players don't know to store food within their buildings. In a one on one battle, food can be the deciding factor on who comes out alive.

During battles, stacks of meant are often passed around allied trolls due to the tendency of enemies to focus fire on a single troll, quickly hurting his food supply. Allies must pass meat to that troll to keep him alive. Meat can be directly attacked by some Mage spells, or by a Disease Potion, to reduce its effectiveness. Tribes with relatively large stockpiles of meat often attack enemy tribes successfully, as each batch of meat is effectively a bonus 500 hit points to the troll carrying it, allowing them to take tremendous amounts of punishment. When stealing, a Thief will often bring a batch of meat to ensure escape from enemies when being pursued.

One thing to note is that trolls drop raw meat, even during noob time, allowing cannibalism to take place due to the free revival of players. Many players make good use of panic during noob time, dying twice or even three times before noob time ends, obtaining speed and 6 pieces of meat for free.


  • For raw meat (corpses), killing wild animals will drop
  • Using 'Cook' ability of Fire or Mage Fire with nearby corpses
  • Trading Ship


Left clicking meat will grant an instant replenishment of 50 health. Meat can be stacked into batches of 10.

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