Buying Price Not Purchasable
Selling Price 4
Spawn Rate Low

Magic is an erratic chance based item with a number of probably effects when used. It is sought for summoning the infamous Disco Duck, but sometimes used to (with luck) wreck entire enemy bases. They take the form of a dark blue crystal, and is a frequent cause of death for noobs.


Spawned on the ground.


Using Magic will cast Cure All on you, as well as the following possible effects generated when magic is used, together with their corresponding probabilities:

  • 10% Set your health and mana to 100%
  • 10% Set your health to 6% and mana to 2%
  • 10% Set your health and mana to 30%
  • 10% Instant death (suicide)
  • 10% Turns current time into the middle of night
  • 10% Summons a meteor strike on the spot (1000 AoE, destroys all trees, damages everything- enemies and allies for about 200 damage over 5 seconds. One meteor does not destroy most buildings but damage them to red hp, it does damage to fire too, ironically).
  • 10% Creates 2 mana crystals
  • 20% Spawns a Disco Duck (if Mammoth is alive, this one will have no effect). A horn will sound to all players upon successfully summoning the Disco Duck.
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