Mage Fire
Built In Witch Doctor's Hut or summoned by Mage
Building Type Stat Management
Hit Points 50
Armor Type Light
Armor 5
Slots 0
Construction 10 seconds
Buying Price 10
Selling Price Cannot Sell

The Mage Fire is a stat management building used as a much stronger version of Fire. It is used in desperate survival situations, when food needs to be cooked without the presence of a normal fire, or for burning down enemy buildings. The summoned version, although having a limited duration, is extremely effective against enemy buildings because it deals more damage per second to enemy buildings compared to the standard fire. Please note that the mage fire can also be packed by the opposition just as a normal fire can and the spell version is destroyed when packed. Also note that if you upgrade a fire into a mage fire, the range for burning buildings turns into 360, which can easily destroy an essential building if you're not careful.

Schematic: Edit

Fire Mana Crystal

Building AbilitiesEdit

Restore Heat: Restores heat to all trolls in 290 range. It is 10 heat with -cold mode, 16 heat with no modes, and 30 heat with hot mode. This ability is automatically autocast and can be disabled but never should.
Cook Meat: Turns all corpses in 600 range into Cooked Meat.
Pack Up: Packs the building back into a mage fire kit.
Burn Building: Passively deals 20 damage a second to all buildings in a 360 range.
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