Tier Basic class
Function Combat, Support
Initial Ability Null Damage
Learnable Abilities Null Damage, Negative Blast, Flame Spray, Pump Up, Depress, Reduce Food, Mage Fire, Metronome
Inventory 3 slots
Base Damage 12-12
Attack Cooldown 1.77
Movement Speed 270
Vision (Day/Night) 950 / 500
Names Nomey, Hargut, Eskei, Kwee
The Mage class focuses on short bursts of heavy magical damage and debuffs. It specializes in dealing damage, and is a useful combat support, but is quite vulnerable on its own.


Level 1 AbilitiesEdit

Null Damage The Mage's starting ability. Slows movement speed by 10% and attack speed by 25% and reduces the target's damage output by 55% for 15 seconds.

Level 2 AbilitiesEdit

Negative Blast Deals damage and slows the target.
Flame Spray Deals damage to nearby enemies.
Pump Up Increases attack speed and movement speed.

Level 3 AbilitiesEdit

Depress Reduces target's mana, will depress other enemy units nearby the depressed unit due to bad mood.
Reduce Food Lowers the enemy's food by 0-1. Cannot reduce to less than 1 food.
Mage Fire Conjures a Mage Fire that heats up faster, has better range and burns down enemy buildings faster. Lasts 30 seconds.

Level 4 AbilitiesEdit

Metronome Casts a random spell on target that will bounce through nearby enemy units nearby. Most of those spells are from scrolls.


Elementalist: Specializes in high magical damage, is able to engage in combat with multiple enemies.
Hypnotist: Specializes in killing single enemy units with mana based attacks.

Super SubclassEdit

Dementia Master: Extremely powerful spellcaster with the ability to summon demons.



  • Can easily function independently.
  • Quite powerful both defensively and offensively.
  • Fast attack speed for a Basic class


  • Slow speed
  • Small inventory.
  • Mana intensive.
  • Many abilities and cooldowns to manage.
  • Several items specifically limit this class's potential.



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