Tier Super Subclass
Function Hunting, Combat, Tracking Enemies
Initial Abilities Ensnare, Greater Track, Dysentery Track, Sniff, Hide Tracking Beacon, Query Beacon
Learnable Abilities Staying Power
Inventory 3 slots
Base Damage 24-24
Attack Cooldown 1.65
Movement Speed 345
Vision (Day/Night) 1700 / 1400
Names Gigantalees
The Juggernaut is the super subclass of the Hunter. The Juggernaut is a combat oriented class that also has the tracking abilities of the Tracker. The Juggernaut can also take great amounts of punishment due to Staying Power. Most of the Juggernauts other abilities are used for tracking down enemies.


Level 1 AbilitiesEdit

Ensnare The Tracker's starting ability. Traps the target with a net, rendering it incapable of moving.
Level 1: Greater Track Greater Track is the one of the starting abilities of the Juggernaut. It decreases armor by 4 and provides vision.
Level 1: Dysentery Track Dysentery Track is another starting ability. AKA 'Charlie Brown', causes the enemy to leave a trail of steaming poop behind him.
Level 1: Sniff Sniff is another starting ability. Target a recently killed creature's bone or hide to reveal a trail to the enemy.
Level 1: Hide Tracking Beacon Hide Tracking Beacon is another starting ability. Permanently places a tracking beacon in an enemy. The beacon cannot be removed with a Cure all
Level 1: Query Beacon Query Beacon is another starting ability. Pings the location of the tracking beacon.

Level 2/3/4 AbilityEdit

Level 2/3/4: Staying Power: Increases the toughness of the Juggernaut.



  • Can level very quickly
  • Can easily acquire food for the team
  • Very powerful both defensively and offensively
  • Naturally the most powerful troll in the game
  • Skills can substitute for lack of item space
  • Able to track enemy trolls


  • Slow movement speed until final level of staying power
  • Very few slots limit customization
  • Cannot easily make or carry combat items
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