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{{HeadingA|Island Troll Tribe News}}
'''08-11-09/ Official Clan Business'''
In light of the creation of many new [[clans]] I have finished the [[Official Clan Charter]] page. Go there to see all information about official clans. On that note; I am looking for appointed judges, see the forum for more. See the same thread to complain or ask questions about the charter.[ Thread here]. [[User:Toxic Ninja|Toxic Ninja]]
'''02-11-09/ The Great Awakening'''
ITT is fixed, changelog is [ Here] and you can download the map there or [[Latest_Download|Here]]. In light of this, new clans have already started forming, and a few old ones will probably revive. Today we welcome Clan BiTT to the community, check them out on the [[Clans]] page. Now go out there and play ITT! [[User:Toxic Ninja|Toxic Ninja]]
'''15-09-09/ Thanks a lot Blizzard'''
Because of the 1.24 patch ITT is temporarily unplayable. DO NOT ASK PLOX(The creator) HOW MUCH LONGER. It'll be done when it's done, and YES, it WILL be done '''EVENTUALLY'''. Now then, if you REALLY want to get some ITT in your blood check out [|this thread].
[[User:Toxic Ninja|Toxic Ninja]]
'''07-08-09/ Ventrilo: The Empire Strikes Back'''
Plans for vent are scrapped due to lack of donations. Other than that clan ITTP disbanded, so their official clan status has been updated.
[[User:Toxic Ninja|Toxic Ninja]]
'''15-07-09/ Ventrilo'''
The ITT community is currently working towards a free public vent, but we need donations. Any amount of money will help. Send donations to on paypal. More info over at
[[User:Toxic Ninja|Toxic Ninja]]
'''21-04-09/ Purge'''
The wikia is going under a minor purge to conform to then new [[Wiki Regulation]], only player pages, clan pages, and tactic pages will be affected for now. I will go through every single article by hand and balance out ever piece of bias in 2 weeks. [[User:Toxic Ninja|Toxic Ninja]]
'''15-04-09/ New Skin!!'''
A new skin and logo has been added to the wiki. ~[[PoZoR]]
'''05-04-09/ ITTP Trailer Released'''
Aue, a member of [[Clan ITTP]], has recently been working on a video for his clan. A trailer for this project has been released and can be viewed here:
'''09-03-09/ ITT Tournament 2v2'''
The latest ITT tournament in 2009 has just ended, with the winners being [[xIlledanx-ward-]] and [[Borowa]]. Details in the page here: [[ITT 2v2 Tournament 20090123|ITT 2v2 Tournament]].
'''23-01-09/ ITT Tournament 2v2'''
Signing up has opened for the first public ITT tournament in 2009. Details in the page here: [[ITT 2v2 Tournament 20090123|ITT 2v2 Tournament]]. Signing up will close on 31/01/09.
'''21-12-08/New Sections'''
The [[Equipment]] and [[Animals]] sections have been added to the contents. Also some layout tweaks were implemented, with a large number of images uploaded in the last couple of days. Smaller articles such as [[Heat]] has also been added. [ Cheese Mayhem] has been found to be down, so clan listing will now take place on this wikia in the [[Clans]] section.
'''29-11-08/New Map Host'''
Visit here: for the latest Island Troll Map, credits to DeFirence again =D.
'''29-11-08/ITT IRC Channel'''
Visit here: irc:// for live chat with an island troll community, credits to DeFirence =D.
'''22-10-08/Island Troll Tribes 2.45'''
New version has been released!
Please check the [[Changelog 2.45|changelog]] for more information regarding changes.
The [[Buildings]] section has now been completed and can be accessed at the contents list. All information has been copied from with some minor revised grammatical and spelling errors.
{{HeadingA|Game footage}}
<youtube width="390" height="325"></youtube>
<youtube width="390" height="325"></youtube>
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{{HeadingB|Contents ([[Special:Allpages|all pages]])}}
* '''[[Buildings]]'''
* '''[[Alchemy]]'''
* '''[[Character Stats/Skills|Troll Classes]]'''
* '''[[Equipment]]'''
* '''[[Animals]]'''
* '''[[Clans]]'''
* '''[[Latest Download]]
'''[ Official Forums]'''
{{HeadingB|Helping out}}
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