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'''23-01-09/ ITT Tournament 2v2'''
Signing up has opened for the first public ITT tournament in 2009. Details in the page here: [[ITT 2v2 Tournament 20090123|ITT 2v2 Tournament]]. Signing up will close on 31/01/09.
'''21-12-08/New Sections'''
The [[Equipment]] and [[Animals]] sections have been added to the contents. Also some layout tweaks were implemented, with a large number of images uploaded in the last couple of days. Smaller articles such as [[Heat]] has also been added. [ Cheese Mayhem] has been found to be down, so clan listing will now take place on this wikia in the [[Clans]] section.
'''29-11-08/New Map Host'''
Visit here: for the latest Island Troll Map, credits to DeFirence again =D.
'''29-11-08/ITT IRC Channel'''
Visit here: irc:// for live chat with an island troll community, credits to DeFirence =D.
'''22-10-08/Island Troll Tribes 2.45'''
New version has been released!
Please check the [[Changelog 2.45|changelog]] for more information regarding changes.
The [[Buildings]] section has now been completed and can be accessed at the contents list. All information has been copied from with some minor revised grammatical and spelling errors.
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* '''[[Buildings]]'''
* '''[[Alchemy]]'''
* '''[[Character Stats/Skills|Troll Classes]]'''
* '''[[Equipment]]'''
* '''[[Animals]]'''
* '''[[Clans]]'''
* '''[[Latest Download]]
'''[ Official Forums]'''
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; Not sure where to start?
* Find out more about the wiki on the '''[[Project:About|About]]''' page.
* If you are new to wikis, check out the '''[[Wikia:Help:Tutorial 1|tutorial]]'''.
* Check out '''[[Help:Starting this wiki]]''' if you're setting up the wiki.
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