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|'''[[Reduce Food]]'''
|'''[[Reduce Food]]'''
|Lowers the enemy's food by 0-2. Cannot reduce to less than 1 food.
|Lowers the enemy's food by 0-1. Cannot reduce to less than 1 food.
|'''[[Mage Fire(spell)|Mage Fire]]'''
|'''[[Mage Fire(spell)|Mage Fire]]'''

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Tier Subclass
Function Combat, Support
Initial Abilities Null Damage, Negative Blast, Pump Up, Reduce Food, Mage Fire
Learnable Abilities Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Anger, Depression Orb, Depression Aura, Jealousy, Seizures, Stupefying Field
Inventory 4 slots
Base Damage 15-15
Attack Cooldown 1.75
Movement Speed 310
Vision (Day/Night) 1250 / 800
Names Nomey, Hargut, Eskei, Kwee
The Hypnotist is one the subclasses of the Mage. The Hypnotist is a special class that focuses on damaging the enemy's energy. The Hypnotist is generally more powerful against a single opponent than multiple opponents.


Level 1 Abilities

Null Damage One of the Hypnotist's five starting abilities. Slows movement speed and attack speeds and reduces the target's damage output.
Negative Blast Deals damage and slows the target.
Pump Up Increases attack speed and movement speed.
Reduce Food Lowers the enemy's food by 0-1. Cannot reduce to less than 1 food.
Mage Fire Conjures a mage fire that heats up faster, has better range and burns down enemy buildings faster. Lasts 30 seconds.

Level 2 Abilities

Hypnosis Puts an enemy in a special form of sleep that can be used with Dream Eater.
Dream Eater Only effects enemies under hypnosis. Removes 20 health and 50 energy from the enemy and gives the Hypnotist 50 health and energy.
Anger Increases attack speed by 75% while damaging for 10 damage per second.

Level 3 Abilities

Depression Orb Hurls an orb outward that casts depression on any nearby enemies, and can collide with an enemy, causing massive mana loss.
Depression Aura A passive depression aura that slows enemies as well as zap mana. Stacks with Depression type effects.

Level 4 Abilities

Jealousy Causes all nearby friendly units to attack the target of this spell.
Seizures Manipulates the targets brain sending small electric pulses through his nerves causing him seizures. The seizures do 4 damage per stun and have a random chance of occuring.
Stupefying Field A channeling spell that greatly reduces the attack and movement rates of all nearby trolls. While channeling, you are immune to magic.



  • Massive damage to energy, providing an alternate method of killing enemies
  • Can easily function independently
  • Very good against lone opponents
  • Many crowd control spells and debuffs


  • Small inventory
  • Very mana intensive
  • Very few abilities affect hostile creatures, making it harder to level and deal with enemy pets
  • Weakness to some specific pieces of gear
  • Many spells require high micromanagement
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