Classes Hypnotist
Mana Cost 10 mana
Cooldown 20 seconds
Duration 5 seconds
Cast Range 300
Area of Effect n/a
Targets Enemy, Neutral, Ground
Hotkey H

Hypnosis is a spell of the Hypnotist. When cast, it places an enemy to sleep for 5 seconds, restoring 75 mana to him and dealing 20 damage.


  • Puts enemy to sleep for 5 seconds, making him invulnerable. As with other sleep spells, attacking him will wake him up
  • Deals 20 pure damage to the target (not reduced by anything)
  • Restores 75 mana to the enemy
  • Removes 8 heat from the enemy
  • Places a buff called 'Hypnotized' on the enemy for the duration, that allows you to cast Dream Eater
  • Can be used on animals, lasts for 7 seconds
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