Tier: Basic class
Function: Combat, Hunting
Initial Ability: Ensnare
Learnable Ability: Track
Inventory: 3 slots
Base Damage: 14-14
Attack Cooldown: 1.77
Movement Speed: 305
Vision (Day/Night) 1000 / 500
Names Wonton, Liche, Taz, Koonta
The Hunter class focuses on hunting animals such as elk and hawks. It is a strong class early game and gets weaker as the game progresses. Hunters start with the ensnare ability, allowing him to kill elk easily.


Level 1 AbilitiesEdit

Ensnare Hunter's starting ability. Traps the target with a net, rendering it incapable of moving.

Level 2/3/4 AbilityEdit

Track The Hunter's level 2, 3 and 4 ability. Gives vision of the target and reduces armor, amplifying the damage the target receives.


Warrior: Specializes in efficient killing, is able to engage in combat with multiple enemies.

Tracker: Specializes in tracking and stalking enemy units, useful against thieves.

Super SubclassEdit

Juggernaut: The Juggernaut is the Hunter's super-subclass. The Juggernaut is very similar to the Warrior, but also has all the skills of the Tracker, is substantially stronger, and has a pure combat role.



  • The best class for team leveling.
  • Can very easily acquire food.
  • Great beginning class for noobs.
  • Quite powerful both defensively and offensively.


  • Smallest inventory of any class.
  • Cannot easily make or carry combat items.
  • Can be outmatched by non-combat oriented classes late game.


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