In the game of Island Troll Tribes, health is one of the three survival stats which a troll requires in order to stay alive. It slowly decreases over time, and upon reaching 0, the troll will die. In order to replenish health, players must eat either raw meat (corpses picked up and stored in the 8 corpse slots of a troll) or cooked meat. As a precaution to health loss, players often have stacks of food ready, such as the aforementioned meat, acorns, magic acorns or health potions.

Beginners tend to die frequently from health loss as they don't know how to replenish it. Some players, when venturing far from their main base, tend to bring a generous stack of meat with them, or have enough hunting tools to gather all th food they need in addition to a Fire to cook. In a battle, health is generally the stat that needs the most attention paid to, and must be replenished rapidly for the troll to stay alive.

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