Healing Wave
Classes Priest, Master Healer, Sage
Mana Cost 10
Cooldown 20
Duration Instant
Cast Range 1000
Area of Effect 5000 (Bounce Range)
Targets Allies
Hotkey D

Healing Wave is a Priest spell. This is an extremely effective spell for healing your entire team quickly. Using this spell frequently will ensure that your team will not have to use Meat to stay at full health.

Effects: Edit

  • Sends out a Healing Wave that bounces up to 7 times
  • Each Bounce heals for 50 HP
  • Initial Cast Range is 1000
  • Bounce Range is 5000

Tips: Edit

Cast Healing Wave on yourself to reach Allies that are far away. Since the actual cast range is only 1000, you may be unable to directly cast the healing wave on an Ally; however, by casting it on yourself it will then bounce to your Ally in need.

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