Healing Potion
Mana Potion
Crafted In Mixing Pot
Max stack size 4
Buying Price 12
Selling Price 3/4/6/7

Healing Potion is a potion made in the mixing pot. It is used to recover health/hitpoints. It is a common boss drop, and is also found in thief bushes

There are four different versions of Healing Potion.  I, II, III, and IV.  Each potion recovers 40 hitpoints more than the last, maxing out at 200 hitpoints for Healing Potion IV.

See also: Alchemy

Healing Potion I: Recovers 80 hitpoints
Recipe: Butsu, River Root

Healing Potion II: Recovers 120 hitpoints
Recipe: 2x ButsuRiver Root

Healing Potion III: Recovers 160 hitpoints
Recipe: 2x Butsu, 2x River Root

Healing Potion IV: Recovers 200 hitpoints
Recipe: 3x Butsu, 2x River Root

Schematic: Edit

Healing Potion I
Butsu River Root
Healing Potion II


River Root

Healing Potion III
Butsu River Root
Butsu River Root
Healing Potion IV
Butsu River Root
Butsu River Root
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