Built In Inventory
Building Type Miscellaneous
Life 150
Armor Type Heavy
Armor 2
Slots 6
Construction 10 seconds

Special building used to hatch flying pets for the Beastmaster class and also used as a drop off point for items gathered by flying pets. Can only be constructed by a Gatherer, or by using the Craftmaster

Schematic: Edit

Stone Stone
Stone Stick
Stick Stick

Building AbilitiesEdit

Hatch Egg: The first slot in the hatchery must contain a Hawk Egg. The other 5 slots must contain items labeled with "hatchery transmutable." The items will be used up and a untamed baby hawk will be created above the hatchery.

Flyer BreedingEdit

Hatched hawks grow into different creatures with greatly varying statistics based on what was used in the hatchery to hatch the hawk. Below is a list of items and the effects of the items on the hatched flyer.

Thistles or Mushroom: Additional 1 inventory slot.
Animal Hide: Additional 50 hp.
Butsu or Stick: Increases movement speed by 6% each.
Clay or Spirit of Wind: Increases gathering radius.
Coloured Herb: Increases Telegather Level by 1.
Dark Rock: Increases all of the above.

The most generic of the bred flyers is the hawk. The animal type only affects the appearance of the flyer (except in the case of the netherdrake), and not the stats, however they are based on the attributes bred into the flying pet.

  • A flyer bred with at least 3 hides will become a bronze drake.
  • A flyer bred with at least 3 clays/spirit of winds will become a red drake.
  • A flyer bred with at least 3 thistles/mushrooms will become a forest drake.
  • A flyer bred with five dark rocks, or bred while the beastmaster is in true form, will become a netherdrake. This flyer is special in that it has a default movement speed of 522 (maximum movement speed in game).
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