Tier Basic Class
Function Finding, collecting, and creating items.
Initial Ability Item Radar
Learnable Ability Radar Manipulations
Inventory 6 slots
Base Damage 11-11
Attack Cooldown 2.0
Movement Speed 305
Vision (Day/Night) 1800 / 900
Names Themoles, Unpa, Zepac, Shishmortis'fork
The Gatherer class focuses on gathering items as stated in the name. It is regarded as a powerful late game class due to having six slots.


Level 1 AbilityEdit

Item Radar Gatherer's starting ability. Pings all items in 1700 range around the gatherer. Has a 30 second cooldown and costs no energy with an almost instant cast time.
Recipes: Gatherer salves The gatherer can create different consumable items not available to other classes
Recipes: Gatherer salves

Level 2/3/4 AbilitiesEdit

Radar Manipulations The Gatherer's level 2, 3 and 4 ability. At each level, you gain more skills similar to item radar but they ping specific item groups. Each skill has a range of 2500 and a 45 second cooldown.
  • Level 1 - (Find Mushroom, Stick, or Tinder) and (Find Hide).
  • Level 2 - Find Clayball, Cooked Meat, or Bone.
  • Level 3 - Find Mana Crystal or Stone.


Radar Telegatherer: Specializes in gathering items through item teleportation. Expands on the gatherer's radar abilities at the cost of mixing and telegathering herbs.

Herb Master Telegatherer: Specializes in gathering items and herbs through item teleportation. Gains the ability to Mix Herbs.

Super SubclassEdit

Omnigatherer: The Omnigatherer is the Gatherer's super-subclass. The Omnigatherer uses its ability called Item Warp to pull nearby items in a large range towards him. The Omnigatherer has the same abilities as the Radar Telegatherer and the Herb Master Telegatherer, but substantially increased movement and attack speeds.



  • Most slots of any class.
  • Is the only class that can create a Witch Doctor's Hut or Hatchery in its inventory.
  • Highest potential to carry most powerful items.
  • Can find specific items with relative ease.


  • Very slow movement speed.
  • Low damage and low attack speed makes it the physically weakest unarmed class in the game.
  • No combat abilities.
  • Radar abilities are harder to master than most early class abilities.


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