Built In Inventory
Building Type Stat Management
Hit Points 75
Armor Type Light
Armor 5
Slots 0
Construction 7 seconds
Buying Price 5
Selling Price Cannot Sell

The fire is a stat management building used for restoring heat and cooking meat. The fire is weaker than its enhanced version, the Mage Fire.

Schematic: Edit

Tinder Flint

Building AbilitiesEdit

Restore Heat: Restores heat to all trolls in 290 range. It is 7 heat with -cold mode, 15 heat with no modes, and 22 heat with hot mode. This ability is automatically autocast and can be disabled but never should.
Cook Meat: Turns all corpses in 600 range into Cooked Meat.
Pack Up: Packs the building back into a fire kit.
Burn Building: Passively deals 7 damage a second to all buildings in a 125 range.

Tactical Functionality:Edit

Fire is commonly used as a cheap way to block animals, or other trolls since it can be packed up and reused quickly.

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