Escape Artist
Escape Artist
Tier Subclass
Function Harassment, Stealing
Initial Abilities Teleport, Cloak
Learnable Ability Jump, Camouflage, Blur
Inventory 5 slots
Base Damage 16-16
Attack Cooldown 1.75
Movement Speed 330
Vision (Day/Night) 1400 / 1800
Names Mr. Overrated, Never-Steal Joe, Hawat the Sly
The Escape Artist is one the subclasses of the Thief. He is excellent at evading capture. His 5 inventory slots in addition to double-blinking make this class an efficient Gatherer substitute and herb gatherer. Can loot items from thief bushes.


Level 1 AbilitiesEdit

Teleport Short range blink with a cooldown of 30 seconds.
Cloak Makes the Escape Artist invisible for 20 seconds.

Level 2 AbilityEdit

Jump A physical form of Teleport. Does not require vision of the targeted area.

Level 3 AbilityEdit

Camouflage Allows the Escape Artist to become invisible while next to trees. While camouflaged, he can not move and loses health, energy and heat at 3x the normal rate.

Level 4 AbilityEdit

Blur Temporarily gives 200% move speed, causing the Escape Artist to reach max move speed. As he moves, blur images are created behind him. If an enemy unit collides with one of the images, it gets dazzled, giving it a 20% change to miss an attack for 20 seconds.



  • Decent inventory space
  • Can effectively hinder enemies
  • Very hard to kill
  • Great for gathering herbs
  • The dazzle effect of Blur is a valuable skill for combat


  • Weak against traps
  • Hard to train independently
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