Ensnare Trap
Built In Armoury
Building Type Defensive
Life 80
Armor Type Heavy
Armor 3
Slots 0
Construction 10 seconds
Buying Price 5
Selling Price 5

Used for immobilizing enemies with nets, deals low damage. Can be used as a hunting device, can be used defensively, offensively and also in boss hunts. Has a corpse storage function which is useful for preventing meat from decaying. Can be purchased from Merchant Ships for 8 gold.

For techniques involving this versatile Building, see also Ensnare Techniques.

Schematic: Edit

Tinder Stick Bone

Attack: Edit


Attack Speed:


Damage Type:


0.55 seconds



Building AbilitiesEdit

Ensnare: Immobilizes animals for 8 seconds, trolls for 3.25, with a 10 second cooldown. It can be set to auto-cast for when hostile units are nearby. Autocast is automatically on.
Get Corpse: Picks up a nearby corpse. Can be autocast which will continuously pick up meat around the building until at full capacity (8 corpses) or until no more corpses remain.