Disease Potion
Disease Potion
Crafted In Mixing Pot
Max stack size 2
Buying Price 45
Selling Price 29
Disease Potion allows you to cast a debuff on an enemy troll. Disease can be cleared using a Cure All potion. Disease potions can be purchased from the Troll Merchant for 45 gold, but only after 30 minutes have passed.

Mechanics: Edit

You can use multiple diseases to "stack" the damage. When you use a disease potion, it always give the troll the diseased meat, but there are actually 3 types of diseases available. They are all based on disease cloud, but they all have slightly different effects. If you get two of the same, they don't stack. But if you manage to get one of each, it totals 5 damage per second.

Disease 1: Skin Disease A horrible disease. Deals 3 damage per second with moderate duration. Length: 100

Disease 2: Horrible Headache This unit has a horrible headache caused by a bacterial infection. It is transferable and deals 1 damage per second with long duration. Length: 300

Disease 3: Fever This unit has been inflicted with fever. A transferable disease that deals 1 damage per second with moderate duration. Length: 150

So when you throw disease, it randomly picks one of the three diseases *33.33% chance of each* and each one having varying lengths.

Schematic: Edit

2x Special Herb, 2x Special Herb, River Root OR Special Herb, 3x Special Herb, River Root

For example:

BlueSpec BlueSpec
PurpSpec PurpSpec
River Root


PurpSpec PurpSpec
PurpSpec OJSpec
River Root
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