Disco Duck
Disco Duck
Level 30
Health 3000
Armor/Type 2/Medium
Base Damage/Type 58-82+5/Chaos
Attack Speed 1.50
Movement Speed 300
Skills Hardened Skin, Resistant Skin, Ensnare, True Sight, Orb of Lightning

The Disco Duck is a strong boss located at the center of the map. To summon the Disco Duck, you must first kill the Mammoth. After killing the Mammoth, you must use Magic until you hear the sound of a horn. There is a 20% chance that using Magic will summon the Disco Duck.


Hardened Skin Grants a 50% chance to block 17 physical damage. Cannot lower damage to less than 1.
Resistant Skin This causes some spells such as Cyclone and Null Damage to have a much shorter duration when used on the Disco Duck. Resistant skin also grants immunity to certain other spells such as Chicken Form's Fowl Play.
Ensnare Casts Ensnare, identical to the Hunter's ability.
True Sight Reveals nearby invisible units.
Orb of Lightning Adds 5 bonus damage and a 15% chance to cast Purge, slowing movement speed and dispelling buffs.


The first three times he is killed, the Disco Duck will drop one of three special Pinions with powerful abilities.


  • For strategy see the Boss Strategy page.
  • As with all other Medallions of Courage drops, once each one has been dropped, it will be replaced with a Dark Spear.
  • The Disco Duck can be easily killed same way as mammoth just with a few more hits or spells.
  • As of 2.52B Disco Duck will only summon once a game.
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