Depression Orb
Depression Orb
Classes Hypnotist
Mana Cost 20 mana
Cooldown 30 seconds
Duration 10 seconds
Cast Range 500
Area of Effect 500
Targets Enemy, Neutral, Air & Ground
Hotkey R

Depression Orb is an ability of the Hypnotist. When cast, it flings an orb of depression in the direction of the target. The orb spirals around until it is 1000 distance away and then dissipates. The orb causes a target become severely depressed, moving and attacking slightly slower and losing large amounts of energy over time.

There are two possible effects of Depression Orb. The first effect is if you are in the path of the orb, but did not get hit by the orb. The second effect happens if the orb hits you directly. The orb may only hit 1 target directly per casting.


If you are in the path/general area of the orb, but do not get the direct hit, it will cast Depress, giving you the following effects:

  • Deals 1 damage per second
  • Depress lowers mana by 10 initially, then 5 mana per second for 3 seconds, then 5 mana per 3 seconds for the remaining duration
  • Slows movement speed by 20%
  • Slows attack speed by 10%

If you get hit directly by the orb, in addition to the first effects you will receive the following:

  • 100 mana drained immediately upon contact
  • Then approximately 20 mana drained per second for 10 seconds
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