Classes Mage
Mana Cost 10 mana
Cooldown 20 seconds
Duration 20 seconds
Cast Range 700
Area of Effect 600
Targets Enemy, Neutral, Air & Ground
Hotkey G

Depress is an ability of the Mage. Depress causes a target become depressed, moving and attacking slightly slower and losing energy over time. Units around it in a 600 AoE are also affected by depress.


  • Deals 1 damage per second
  • Depress lowers mana by 10 initially, then 5 mana per second for 3 seconds, then 5 mana per 3 seconds for the remaining duration
  • Enemies around the depressed unit will lose 5 mana per 3 seconds
  • Slows movement speed by 20%
  • Slows attack speed by 10%
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