Dementia Master
Dementia Master
Tier Super Subclass
Function Combat, Support
Initial Abilities Null Damage, Negative Blast, Mage Fire, Anger, Seizures, Eruption, Chain Lightning, Splitting Fire, Depression Aura, Stupefying Field, Jealousy
Learnable Abilities Dark Gate, Dementia Runes, Activate Runes, Dementia Summoning
Inventory 3 slots
Base Damage 19-19
Attack Cooldown 1.50
Movement Speed 320
Vision (Day/Night) 1600 / 1200
Names Tartarus
The Dementia Master is the super subclass of the Mage. He is a very complicated class with many abilities. He retains many spells of the Elementalist and the Hypnotist. In addition, the Dementia Master has the ability to summon demons in battle using Dementia Runes and Dark Gate.


Level 1 AbilitiesEdit

Null Damage One of the Elementalist's five starting abilities. Slows movement speed and attack speeds and reduces the target's damage output.

Negative Blast Deals damage and slows the target.

Mage Fire Conjures a mage fire that heats up faster, has better range and burns down enemy buildings faster. Lasts 30 seconds. 40 Mana.

Anger Increases attack speed by 75% while damaging for 10/sec. Lasts 10 seconds.

Seizures Causes a unit to get rapidly and repeatedly stunned for about 6 seconds. Does slight damage.

Eruption Deals 40 damage in a 315 AOE.

Chain Lightning Deals 45 damage to the primary target and bounces 3 times in a 1500 AOE. Each subsequent hit is 90% of the last.

Splitting Fire Deals 40 damage to up to 6 trolls in an 800 AOE. For each troll, more fire is added dealing an additional 20 damage.

Depression Aura A passive depression aura that slows enemies as well as zap mana. Stacks with Depression Orb and Dark thistles.

Stupefying Field A channeling spell that greatly reduces the attack and movement rates of all nearby trolls. While channeling, you are immune to magic.

Level 2 AbilitiesEdit

Dark Gate The Dementia Master channels pure balls of dark energy which he uses to construct a gate. As the balls dissipate, they cast spells on enemies inside the gate. The longer the gate is channeled the longer it lasts and the faster the orbs cast spells. Runes carried by the Dementia Master have increased range inside the gate and he can use the gate and Dementia Summoning to summon monsters from the Dementia Realm.

Level 3 AbilitiesEdit

Dementia Runes The dementia master summons a rune. There are three types, each with its own specialty. You can have a total of 5 runes. When you cast "activate runes" it will cause them to go active and they wil use their power to cast spells. The specialty of rune I is crippling magic, rune II is fire attacks, and rune III is ice attacks.
Activate Runes Casting this spell causes nearby runes to become active and seek targets. Runes will seek any enemies inside a dark gate if the caster casts this inside the gate as well. This skill can also be used in a gate to perform a dementia summoning.

Level 4 AbilitiesEdit

Dementia Summoning Passively gives the Dementia Master the ability to summon a monster from dementia space using Dementia Runes. Summoning must be performed close to the center of an open dark gate and you must have a correct rune order. This skill also gives a 10% evasion bonus to the Dementia Master. Warning! Dementia Summonings can be unpredictable and dangerous. No creature wants to be summoned for no reason!

Rune orders for Dementia summoning

Ice Demon: Lez Nel Lez Lez Ka

Cripple Demon: Nel Nel Ka Nel Lez

Fire Demon: Ka Lez Ka Nel Ka



  • Insanely high damage output
  • Can easily function independantly
  • Very powerful both defensively and offensively
  • Can disable or slow enemy units temporarily
  • Very good in team battles


  • Very difficult to master
  • Small inventory
  • Very mana intensive
  • Some abilities require outside knowledge of the game
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