Tier Subclass
Function Harassment, Stealing
Initial Abilities Teleport, Cloak
Learnable Ability Smoke Stream, Tele-Thief, Nether Fade
Inventory 5 slots
Base Damage 15-15
Attack Cooldown 1.75
Movement Speed 310
Vision (Day/Night) 1400 / 1800
Names Spookyface, Battyboi, Smokehouse
The Contortionist is one the subclasses of the Thief. He is excellent at evading capture. Can loot items from thief bushes.


Level 1 AbilitiesEdit

Teleport Short range blink with a cooldown of 30 seconds.
Cloak Makes the Contortionist invisible 20 seconds

Level 2 AbilityEdit

Smoke Stream After activating this skill, smoke streams out the back of you preventing combat. Does nothing if you are standing still.

Level 3 AbilityEdit

Tele-Thief Cast on a fire, just like Telegather. Items you pick up warp to the fire. However, with Telethief, the items only warp to the fire if you are near an enemy building. If this condition is met, it is 100% warp rate. Lasts 140 seconds.

Level 4 AbilityEdit

Nether Fade Causes the contortionist to be banished rendering him immune to physical damage. He does take increased damage from spells however.



  • Decent inventory space
  • Can effectively hinder enemies
  • Very good at stealing items
  • Improved night vision
  • Very good evasive measures


  • Weak against traps
  • Hard to train independently
  • Weak against spells
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