Classes Thief, Escape Artist, Contortionist, Assassin
Mana Cost 0
Cooldown 60
Duration See Effects
Cast Range n/a
Area of Effect 200
Targets Self
Hotkey W

The Thief becomes invisible for a short duration, revealing nearby terrain, and increasing his movement speed. The Escape Artist, Contortionist and Assassin all start with the level 3 version of Cloak.


  • Level 1: Lasts 4 seconds. 0.6 second fade time
  • Level 2: Lasts 6 seconds. 0.5 second fade time
  • Level 3: Lasts 8 seconds. 0.4 second fade time
  • Increases movement speed by 20% at all levels
  • Reveals terrain in a 200 AoE around the caster
  • Note: for the Contortionist and Escape Artist,the cloak has 0.4 fade time,last 20 seconds,and gives a 10% movement speed bonus
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